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Instant Cash ISA Tax-free savings, with instant access to your money

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Make the most of your 2018/19 ISA allowance of $20,000. If you bank with us, you could pay in or open a new ISA online in minutes.

If you haven’t already, you can register for Online Banking.

  • Use your $20,000 ISA allowance before the tax year ends on 5 April, and you won’t get taxed on any interest you make.
  • Open with $1 or transfer-in an existing ISA in just 3 steps
  • 0.60% AER/tax-free per year2 variable on balances of $1 to $29,999
  • 0.65% AER/tax-free per year2 variable on balances of $30,000 to $99,999
  • 0.75% AER/tax-free per year2 variable on balances of $100,000+ and over

Can Union bank and trust change the interest rate?

Yes, rates are variable. We can increase or decrease the interest rates for the reasons set out in our 'Union bank and trust and you' booklet, which is available in branch, or you can read our Terms and conditions for Personal customers. Both also explain when we may change the interest rates, and the notice we’ll give you.

How do I open and manage my account?

You can open an account online, in branch or over the phone. Please see the ‘How to apply’ section below for more details.

You can manage your account in branch, or using Online Banking, Reliance Mobile Banking or Telephone Banking – provided you’re registered3.

The minimum opening balance allowed is $0 if the Instant Cash ISA - Issue 1 is being funded by an ISA transfer-in, otherwise the minimum deposit is $1.

Additional information

Money withdrawn from your Instant Cash ISA - Issue 1 and put back into the account within the same tax year doesn’t count towards your annual ISA allowance

Transfers-in and transfers-out from and to other ISAs are allowed

You can offset your savings account against your mortgage – but if you do, you will not earn any interest on your savings

We may withdraw the availability of Instant Cash ISA - Issue 1 at any time without notice. This will only apply to new accounts opened from that time

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